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Capricorn's QueenCollapse )

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If I wrote a haiku about summer, it would contain the words "boring" and "hot". But I won't write that haiku, so don't sweat it.

Oh haaai everybody. Anybody? Alas. Forgive my Lo(ooooooooooooo)ng absence. I have been busy with studiousness and...laziness. etcetera. This is, unfortunately, not a promise of return to the land of blog. It's more like a preliminary foray of epic potential. Right.

So I'm home again for the summer and it's nice. Mostly. Sort of. My best friends are here and my family is here...and my freedom is not, but that's rather expected.

That's pretty much all for the moment. :| How's everyone?
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Title: On a Scale of One to Awesome
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1558
A/N: Very few of you will remember me, but it's still good to be back. Not thrilled with the flow of this, but it's been forever since I wrote anything, so I guess I have to start somewhere. Please be lenient with any typos you may find; my spell-checker in Word has done a bunk and the LJ spell-checker appears to be on some reall good crack, so I'm winging it. Cheers!

One date Liz knows about, and two she doesn'tCollapse )

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*clears throat*

Uhm, hi.

*shuffles feet*

How's everybody?

So I...may have disappeared. Sort of. For a while. Sorry. I'm sure ALL of you (two people? three?) missed me terribly. =P

Things have been going wonderfully for me, life has been relatively smooth sailing, and I finished the semester with a 4.2, so I'm counting my first year at college a success. Working nine to five in the world's most boring summer job is kind of...not so awesome, but the pay is good, and I'll keep this post bitch-free after my long hiatus. Don't get too used to it.

I'm basically just going to jump back into my f-list where it is right now, so I'll be a little more lost and confused than I usually am for a while. Bear with me, poke fun, and make witty comments to your hearts' content.

Really, I have nothing interesting to say at all (not that it's ever stopped me before), so I'll leave you with my hellos for the evening, and try to think of something clever for my next post (which will come soon. I PROMISE). :)

p.s. They should totally have an emoticon for "chagrined". I mean, come on.

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sort I've been MIA for so long guys, but I just wanted to let you know everything is going fine and dandy, although right now we're under our first tornado warning of the year (My first ever.) and I'm more nervous than I expected, though at the moment there doesn't seem to be anything coming. On the bright side, class was cancelled.

I'll give you guys a real update later, just wanted to check in and send some general love out to everybody.  Hugs your way. :)
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Oh irony. My Livejournal account finally decides to start responding to ANYTHING involving me again, and I'm entirely too flustered to give you a decent journal entry. Sorry for my absence, etc-- livejournal ate itself temporarily it seems, and refused to notify me of anything or allow me to DO anything.

In lieu off all the wonderful stuff I'd like to tell you, I'll extend a brief update of the Trailer Trash Theater that has become my life. Basically, the new roommate, a wonderful girl, came as a surprise package deal, which includes her violent, controlling, obsessive, stalker boyfriend, physical fights at two in the morning, and violent banging on the door at all hours of the universe. I think we're finally at the homestretch of this catastrophe because the cops are involved you know, unless it gets worse which it probably will, but we'll have to wait and see. I resent feeling unsafe in my own dorm, and the fact that I'm not going to sleep tonight, when I have an eight o'clock class in the morning. I also think there's something definitively wrong when two police officers show up at my dorm in one night, and all I feel is relief. You know, behind the pulsing headache gnashing at my temples.

I am so anti-drama, and so anti-allofthis. I went 800 miles away from home because I wanted to be done with such matters. If wishes were horses, I guess.

More to come later, including the trials of Frankenstein, the realities of a perpetually failing immune system, optimistic possibilities for an apartment next year, and much, much more. Cheers.

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A PoemCollapse )

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And Yes, WE DID.

I can't really explain how I feel at the moment, except I've never really cried out of happiness before. I suppose I'm pretty shocked to find I'm actually an optimist under all of this cynical drudgery.

Here's to hope.

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So, sorry for the generally whiny tenor this journal has taken lately-- I seem rather unable to help myself. I'll try to infuse future entries with a thread of optimism for your viewing pleasure, genuine or otherwise. =P

Re-contracting for the dorms is up on the first, and the search for an apartment is becoming top priority, a matter which is rather more complicated by my lack of transportation. There's also the fact that I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing, and the thought of asking either of my parents for help actually physically gives me heartburn. I have no idea whether this peculiar independent streak in me is born of an actual desire to achieve a manner of self-sufficiency, or if it is instead inspired by the dread accompanying the thought of dealing with my mother or father in regards to this sort of thing.

If I'm being honest with myself, I think it's probably that, if I were to go to them, I wouldn't want "help", I would straight-up want them to just do it for me. Which isn't going to happen, nor should it.

I'll get it figured out, though. And if it comes to it, another year in the dorms won't kill me. The accommodations are awesome, in all honesty. It's just looonely. But I'll deal. :)

Who's watching the inaguration tomorrow?

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What the muffin is up with this episode of 30 Rock? Not feeling it AT ALL.
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